Mastering Time Organisation Skills: Unlock Your Productivity Potential

We are swamped by a plethora of chores, deadlines, and duties, fighting to keep up and experiencing constant tension and anger. It is time to regain control!

  • Prioritisation and Goal Setting

    Discover how to successfully prioritise chores by determining what truly matters. Learn how to define clear goals and break them down into practical stages. Priorities will help you optimise your time and efforts, ensuring that you put your energy in projects that fit with your goals.

  • Time Blocking and Scheduling

    Learn how to use time blocking and scheduling tactics to better manage your time. Learn how to make a disciplined calendar that takes your most critical work, deadlines, and personal commitments into account. Implementing good scheduling tactics will boost your productivity and give you more control over your time.

  • Organisation and Systems

    Create efficient organising habits and procedures to help you streamline your workload. Learn how to organise your physical and digital places, manage information, and optimise your environment for efficiency. By putting these methods in place, you will remove distractions and establish an environment favourable to concentrated work.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    1. Introduction

    2. Step 1 - Identify the time you have available

    3. Step 2 - Schedule essential actions

    4. Step 3 - Schedule high priority activities

    5. Step 4 - Schedule contingency time

    6. Step 5 - Schedule discretionary time

    7. Recap - 5 steps to effective scheduling

    8. Scheduling Template

    9. Learning Check

    1. Introduction

    2. 4 Steps To Timeboxing

    3. Learning Check

    1. Ultradian Performance Rhythm

    2. Introduction to Pomodoro

    3. Video on Pomodoro

    4. Recap - The Pomodoro Technique

    5. Learning Check

    1. Pickle Jar Theory

    2. Learning Check

    1. Closing & Next Steps

    2. Help us improve your learning experience

HS-2 Time Management Organising Time

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  • 22 lessons
  • Duration: 2h 30m
  • Author: Rick Yvanovich
  • Published: November 30, 2022

Time Management Series

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